Sunday, June 27, 2010

A wonderful discovery at Boracay

I have to say that in 2010, my most jam packed exciting month this year, thus far is this month of June. The last days of summer were spent in beautiful Boracay, with the beginnings of "hanging habagat". Two weeks later, I was savouring Cebu in a reunion with long-time friends. Then a week later, I attended a romantic Tagaytay Garden wedding.

Boracay was spent with those that were dearest to me, my 3 boys-- my hubby and my sons. I called it "ang huling hirit sa tag-init", loosely translated as the mad dash for the last days of summer. What I feared to be quite an expensive last-minute arrangement, turned out to be a blessing. My friend helped me arrange for a family room at non-peak prices and for some fortunate timing, my plane fare was cheaper than my first booking!

We left Manila very early and found ourselves enjoying Station 1 with sunny skies and a cool breeze at about 9 in the morning. I could feel the frazzle of Manila ebbing away.

One sunset walk led me to an interesting beach bar that said "Mojito to Go". This was at Discovery Shores. It was a proposition that was difficult to say no to.

I decided to take my boys for cocktails at this cool spot with low chairs and relaxing music. My husband and I with teens-in-tow got ourselves mango mojitos and lychee mojitos. I made a mental note to myself to make one of those back home. A stone's throw away, a beach buffet set-up was being prepared for hungry guests.

We bumped into Discovery Shores General Manager, Jun Parreno, a charming, charming person with a ready smile. His personality is a perfect fit for this place. We exchanged some updates and he invited us for next day's dinner at a resto he launched...his baby he said.

Bronze and glistening after another day of swimming, walking and beach combing--we found ourselves in a beautiful corner of the resort, still facing the ocean but with a bit of privacy. Actually, this place is perfect for dates and I wouldn't be surprised if it is all too often a place where marriage proposals are made. The place is called INDIGO.

We were treated to a menu of good eats--clean and refreshing to the palate. The flavours sing and my sons were thrilled with the new tastes they were enjoying. My hubby ordered fish fillet, perfectly cooked. The huge meat was naturally sweet and the rice crust added the crunch. My first-born ordered prawns and lemon pasta ( I think). It wasn't overwhelming so it leaves you wanting for more. My younger son had perhaps the heartiest meal with what is like a fish steak sitting on top of a bed of ratatouille, crowned with egg. He savoured the whole thing, down to the sauce that was drizzled all over the plate. I got myself seared tuna, crusted with white and black sesame seeds. Oh let me not forget the appetizer which is an interesting combination of salmon, apples and celery. If my children could have had a plate each, they would!

Now, what seems to be a healthy meal isn't complete without the sinful dessert. And INDIGO gave us the dessert fix we craved for! My sons didn't want to eat it at first because it looked like an abstract painting with a brush stroke of chocolate,and banana flambe and ice cream on one side and mousse-like malt chocolate on another. We also went spoon-fencing over the dark chocolate tart ala mode which was served with I figured out as crumbled macadamia pralines. No matter-- we ate them all up!

INDIGO is not just the only beautful spot there, it's truthfully the whole resort. The layout is airy--great to catch the balmy breezes on a typically gorgeous Boracay day. You get the very best of both worlds, really.