Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kiss the Cook

I have been wanting to start a blog but never got around to. Maybe it's because I haven't found the title that I thought was apt and so precise about what I like to do the most.
I just had a conversation with my eldest boy who told me that he feels my presence even if I had gone back to corporate life...and that of course if he misses anything, it would be more of my cooking. And since they were small, everytime they wiped their plate clean, I get a resounding kiss-- such a big reward for a small task. And I thought-- yup--that's it... And so Kiss the Cook is born.

It's not about fancy recipes, but easy to do food stuffs-- from a non-chef but avid cook like me. I try to cook during weekends, mostly making sunday brunches extra special.

It may be my own recipes, something I learned from my own parents, something a friend suggested to me, something I thoroughly enjoyed from a cook book or magazine...
When it lands on this blog, it is certified friend-tested and kid-approved.

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